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KatRuud Pira MicroRDS (USB)

The Pira MicroRDS is the replacement for the Pira MiniRDS. Pira made a very universal PCB for this RDS. This board is absolutely fine but electronics skills are required for proper installation of the device! (look at the pira website for the user guide/datasheet)

KatRuud did the hard part for you and developed his version of the Pira MicroRDS.

The KatRuud version is developed to get the maximum performance out of the MRDS1322 chip.

- USB to connect to the PC for control (19200 Bd), very easy to install

- Pilot tone carefully recovered from MPX signal or direct 19kHz input for synchronisation

- Accurate 8-bit DAC using R/2R resistor network to generate the RDS signal modulated

at 57 kHz subcarrier

- LED indication on PCB for synchronisation indication

- LED indication on PCB to indicate that the device is in operation

- Connector for external synchronisation/operate LED’s (front panel)

- Power On/Off jumper, can be used for On/Off switch on front panel

- Power 12-15 Vdc

- Switchable MPX loop-through relay, high reliability voltage controlled

- All connectors and adjustments on one side of the PCB, very easy to build into a case
- External TA switch

- High output level

- PCB dimensions 10 cm x 5 cm

- Very easy to install and connect

- Very good value for money

- Color PCB can be green or yellow.

Information from the pira website:

The MicroRDS Encoder is a professional full-featured FM broadcast RDS encoder module that supports all common RDS services at unmatched acquisition costs. It's only on your choice if you use this RDS encoder with one transistor FM bug or a 10 kW transmitter. It provides your station all common RDS services: Program service name, dynamic PS, Radiotext, Program Type identification, Traffic Program, Traffic Announcement and Music/Speech flags, Alternative Frequencies list and some more. This unit is ideal for embedding into existing FM transmitter as well as for development and hobby purposes.
The design is based on the MRDS1322 chip. Analogue part is very simple due to fully digital generated RDS signal.

- Very small dimensions and power consumption

- Easy to use

- Operates stand-alone

- Unlimited reprogramming

- Wide control possibilities through RS-232 and I2C bus (USB for KatRuud device)

- EEPROM memory for data storage during power-off

- Broadcast quality output signal

- Continuous RDS transmission during all operations

- Advanced text features like dynamic PS, parsing and scrolling

- Supports both stereo and mono transmission

RDS services directly supported:

PS (Program Service),PI(Program Identification), PTY(Program Type), TP (Traffic Program), TA(Traffic Announcement), DI(Decoder Identification), M/S(Music/speech), AF (Alternative Frequencies), RT (Radiotext), raw UserDefined Groups.

The software is very simple to use. After install and first opening select appropriate connection parameters on Hardware card. The software can send actual song artist and title information if your broadcast automation system provides on-air text file.

--end of pira information---